Dan Radz / #sessions (Part 1)

When Dan Radz finally said all the things he’s wanted to say through music these past few years, there were no studios, no arsenals of instruments and no backing bands.
#sessions, an acoustic rock album recently released into the Internet aether, was completed in what the Mississauga-based singer/songwriter/guitarist calls a six-week sprint, using nothing more than his dad’s old Washburn acoustic guitar, an office chair in a spare room and an iPhone set to “record.”
What bled from that humble setup, and again once played back, was an honest and more intimate sound. It’s him.
#sessions is the first representation of that manic desperate, almost out of control sound, but done on an acoustic guitar,” says Radz.
“At the peaks in the songs, I wanted people to believe I was seconds away from smashing my guitar, and in the valleys I wanted the calm, warm and comforting sound of the acoustic to be able to find it’s way in.”
Radz put out the nine new songs raw, one by one, through his website, culminating in a so-cheap-you-really-have-no-excuse-not-to-drop-a-few-pretty-pennies release at ReverbNation.
He says he’s a little burnt out, now that all is sung and done.
“None of the songs that appear on the album were completed prior to recording the first song. A few of them were written late last year, but only basic structures,” says Radz.
“The final product ended up miles away from the original but it was like a snowball effect. Once I found my comfort zone, then everything just started falling in to place and making sense.”
It’s also a final product miles away from what most modern musicians would dare let other ears hear.
Released raw means no mixing.
Released raw means no editing.

What ended up on Radz’ iPhone was, bravely, exactly what was put to public scrutiny.
Radz, not giving himself near enough credit, says the result might be “a bit sloppy” or “off” at times, and it’s a process he doubts he will use again, but it was the right process at the right time for #sessions.
The short recording window got the album done and getting it done let him begin what will define him as a musician for the next while.
“(#sessions) definitely marked a change in my career as a musician. I feel like the sound and songs are where I’ve been trying to get for the past few years,” says Radz.
“It’s sort of like ‘this is who I am,’ now lets see who gets it and, more importantly, who likes it.”

You can visit Dan Radz online at his website, http://www.danradz.com/, and on Twitter.
You can purchase his new album, #sessions, either whole or as singles, at ReverbNation.


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