Dan Radz / #sessions (Part 2)

Christening his new acoustic rock album #sessions, a title that starts with a Twitter hashtag, was maybe the most calculated part of Dan Radz’ otherwise decidedly low-key creation.
Recorded using nothing more than his dad’s old Washburn acoustic guitar, an office chair in a spare room and an iPhone, released exclusively (so far, anyway) online through his website and ReverbNation and pimped to the public through various social media, the album owes much to The Modern.
Music making has changed dramatically since Radz first picked up a guitar 15 years ago.
How that music is placed amongst the people is equally altered.
“The quality (recording with an iPhone) turned out to be rather amazing, and it got me thinking back to my younger days as a musician,” says Radz.
“When we were using a shitty four track, trying to get half descent sound out of the thing was near impossible. Every demo we tried to record sounded muffled and spacey … here I am 15 or so years later getting a quality recording out of my phone.
“(And) these days you couldn’t imagine a band/musician website without music on it … the technology that’s made it so easy for musicians to be able to do that is truly amazing.”
Chatting up #sessions on places such as Twitter is something Radz is more than happy to be able to do. He’s a fan of the humanizing aspect social media has for any artform.
A musician or band is no longer a picture on an album cover or the vague outline of a person(s) 200 feet away at a concert.
Online he’s Dan. He’d like to introduce you to his music, he’d like to know what you think of his music and he’d like to keep those conversations open-ended.

“It makes the connection between musicians and fans so much stronger,” says Radz.
Those connections are vital in the world of DIY music making.
Radz isn’t on a label, but as long as he’s utilizing the tools he maybe doesn’t have to be. He certainly wouldn’t be first, crafting an artistic career from near-nothing with some clever Internetting.
And if enough people did it maybe that concept of the Big Time Record Labels goes away, says Radz.
“I think record labels are doomed,” he says.
“They are the dinosaur in the room. Their major power was their ability to distribute around the world … you get your stuff onto iTunes and you can sell your music around the world without ever having to talk to a label.”

You can visit Dan Radz online at his website, http://www.danradz.com/, and on Twitter.
You can purchase his new album, #sessions, either whole or as singles, at ReverbNation.


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